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Available Land Tenure Documents
Township Record Type View File Download File Doc Type Supplemental Current to Date Plat Number Detail Problem?
292S200E,SLM MTP View File Download File GTX   7/14/08 1001 Detail Problem?
292S200E,SLM HI View File Download File SCAN   2/27/04 2001 Detail Problem?
292S200E,SLM HI View File Download File SCAN   3/28/18 2002 Detail Problem?
292S200E,SLM USE View File Download File GTX Potash 7/14/08 8501 Detail Problem?

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Available Cadastral Survey Plats
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Township View File Download File Record Type Approved View Volume Download Volume Detail Problem?
Field Notes For Surveys Approved before 1995
Available Cadastral Survey Notes
View Volume Survey From Pg Survey Line Cert. From Pg Group No/Contr. No Download Volume Approved Detail Problem?