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NEW: Our New Utah Land Record site has
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Indexes, Cadastral Surveys, and Cadastral
Fieldnotes in one location. Searching for land
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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
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1. What plats can I find on this site?

2. Where can I find Cadastral Survey plats and Field Notes?

3. What type of image are these files?

4. Why Tiff image?

5. What does the image file name mean?

6. What are Plat Types

7. Can I search by anything other than Township and Range?

8. Why can't I view plats when I click on them?

9. How do I use the functions of the Acordex Java Image Viewer?

10. Can I save the images to my PC?

11. Can I print images?

12. Do I have to print the whole image?

13. How do limit my search criteria, so I don't get overwhelmed with so much data?

14. To learn how to read a Master Title Plat. Click here

15. For a list of common abbreviations and symbols used on MTPs. Click here.